Romu Bite

Romu Bite is a smart lightweight amp. At first sight, this Romu is a simple
device but it will offer many moments of joy to anyone discovering its secrets.
The combinations of only 3 controls (volume, tone, master volume) can give an impression of "playing into a pillow" (like most of jazz players IMHO do). But you can also find sparkling clean tones and real tube overdrive that will appeal to blues/rock guitarists.

Technical data: 
Dimensions  50 x 45 x 25 cm, weight ca 12 kg.
Tubes:  power stage 2xEL 84,
      preamp stage and phase splitter 2xECC 83,
      rectifier 5U4.
Speaker: 12" Jensen Alnico or similar.
Output power up to 18W.
Additional information: there is a "long tail"phase splitter and a cathode-biased power stage.

The next Romu Bite will probably have a 4-th control for reverb and a 6-th tube for digiverb signal amplification .

Price: 850 €