The Story

Simply put, Romu is the incarnation of my deep passion for old vacuum electronics.

Having once built an amplifier from a kit I ordered online, I realised that vacuum amplifiers are present in all antique      radios and television sets.  I started to wonder whether it would be possible to build a proper audio amplifier from an old radio or TV set.

Even though the first attempts were quite robust and clumsy compared to present examples, Romus nevertheless must have had some sort of a special spark so that many musicians started to like them.

Romu is a handmade amplifier for guitar and other instruments that always contains one or more recycled components. Even the fabric covering the amps is from leftover fabric. In addition to great sound, my goal is to build simple lightweight amps with good access to tubes. There are no two identical Romus in the world. The schematic role models of Romus are amplifiers from 1950ies and 60ies. Romus are always tube amplifiers. They do not contain any transistors or power levels based on micro-scheme. All Romu amplifiers are built according to EU electrical safety standards.

Kaido Kasak
Creator of Romu