Romu Garnet is a small but efficient guitar amp. In spite of its small dimensions (30x30x20 cm) there is real handmade 3D point-to point schematics inside, including 3-channel tone-stack, tube-driven digiverb and tremolo.
Thanks to heavy and powerful output transformer and Jupiter 25W speaker the weight has grown to 7,1 kg.

Technical data
Power about 7 W
2 inputs with different sensitivity
Power switch, power on and anode current indicators, fuseholder for 1 A fuse.
Controls: volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, tremolo speed, tremolo depth.
Tubes: power stage 6L6, pre-amp, digiverb and tremolo 2xECC83/12AX7.
Thanks to adjustable cathode bias there is option to use different power tubes, e.g. 6V6 or 6П7С.

Price 700 €